Desk and a Munchie

Hey, I thought it was really cool that you guys liked the milk n cereal bars, so I wrote up another recipe to share that I love to make on mornings like this.


PS. These ingredients can be purchased at a convenience store.

For a whole serving:

1 whole wheat tortilla
1 Tb+ pb
1 Tb trail mix
1 oz dark chocolate
1 banana
salt & pepper
honey (opt’l)

For a halver, it might look something like this:


Look at that B.

Guess it’s about 150-175 awesome calories for the little one. As in, calories that will kiss your insides and tell them how glad they are to be together. lol

Alright now, go get yours! ;)


Fortified Milk n’ Cereal Bars

To make yo’self some grown up stuff like these:


First, make an icing. I used a coffee mug and spatula which made things really easy.

Cream together:
1 tbsp butter softened (nuke for a couple secs if needed)
1/8 c powdered sugar

Then add:
1/4 c instant milk powder
1/8 c whey protein powder
1 t caramel powdered creamer
splash of vanilla extract
drops of water as needed to thin

Next, construct the base:

Blend 2/3 c instant oats until they turn into a fine powder. (equals approx. 1/2 cup oat flour)

To a medium sized bowl, add and thoroughly mix:
1/4 tsp salt
3 tbsp peanut butter
1 tbsp powdered peanut butter
4 tbsp honey/agave

Then add and coat:
1 cup Cheerios-type cereal
1/2 cup oat flour from above
tsp of icing as needed to spread

Turn out onto waxed paper and cover with more waxed paper. Use a rolling pin or bottle to compact the dough and spread it evenly. Use one hand beneath the lower sheet of wax paper to form into a rough rectangle shape.

Unwrap and spread with icing from above. (Heavenly icing, lol!) Sprinkle with 1/2 cup more cereal and gently combine. Then recover with waxed paper and press top layer into the rest of the bar. Rest in fridge before cutting, then store in fridge.

Please lmk how yours go!


Customizable Milk & Cereal Bars by Chocolate Covered Katie
Milk filling for cereal bars by Princess Buttercup


A Basic Meal Plan

I’m really trying to straighten out whatever’s going on with my appetite.  One of the hardest things so far is trying to convince one medical professional after another that I DON’T have a deliberate eating disorder.  I DON’T want to restrict, be thinner than I was, think I look bad naturally, or see it as my only way to gain control.*   The only eating disorder I have is disorder with my ability to eat – a physical limitation of my body for reasons I’m still trying to find answers to.  So along the way made an appointment with a dietitian.  This post is about that experience, which I hope will help others to understand what to expect if they decide to go that route also.

* My husband also pointed out to me that in every eating disorder he’s witnessed, and in my experience also, the restriction and ideas about food and body would cause people to binge eat.  I haven’t binged since the start of this.  I WISH I could.  Today, tomorrow and the next day until I gain and keep enough weight.  The closest I get anywhere near that is when I use a natural appetite enhancer (yep!) to stir up the inclination to seek, bringing me to about 2000 calories on a really big day.*

In our first session, I was reminded to keep the food groups in balance. Historically, this is something I got pretty good at doing intuitively, especially after reading a book called The Portion Teller by Lisa R. Young, PH.D., R.D. It’s been a minute since the last time I read it, but I remember it putting a lot more emphasis on balancing food groups and gaining a real concept of portion sizes as compared to calories or micro/macro nutrients. That said, it doesn’t dismiss them, but instead may provide useful tools for those who can get caught up with numbers. (Liiiike me…)

As I’ve been going along without those physical cues, though, I don’t feel like I should eat 1) anything 2) a certain type of food, other than one that’s comfortable to digest. There’s nothing that says to me “Hmm, that was a fair bit of sugar. Maybe some chicken and veggies tonight would be good.” So this reminder from the outside is going to help shape my meals until I can do it naturally again.

I learned that there isn’t some magical drink I can consume to get a LOT more calories.  It’s food.  It can be pureed food, or fortified food, but unless I’ve got a tube down my throat, there just isn’t something quite that easy that’s going to help me get there.  (Back to the blender…)

The dietitian provided a handout with a suggested meal plan. I looked it up online and found it was created by a woman named Marcia Herrin with a bunch of credentials behind her name. The “Rule of 3’s” meal plan is available as a pdf here.  The pdf also shows a sample list of foods for each category, to help serve as a guide.  Here also is a simple worksheet I made out of this plan in Excel to make it easier to fill out day by day.  Please feel free to print it out and use it with credit to Ms. Herrin if you find it handy.

The big idea behind this is eating 6x a day every 2-3 hrs, keeping it balanced at each meal, and throwing in a few snacks of free choice.  My first reaction was of being overwhelmed!  HOLY $*&#!  I can’t eat anywhere near that much!  I felt like she was another person who just couldn’t hear me when I said I physically am unable to put that much food into my body.  I felt like more could have been done to accommodate my current circumstances instead of rubbing my nose in the fact that day after day I’m working my ass off and can’t eat enough.  So that part is pretty discouraging.

I brought up that I’ve only been doing food logs about once a week to get a sample of what’s really going on, or after I’ve had a particularly low day and feel like I need to catch up.  (I have a personal goal of at least 1500 daily, which probably sounds different to you than it does to me.  If I don’t spend all day trying to meet it, I won’t.  Even after 2 months of trying for it. :(  I expressed how I felt that was important, because I’m already stressing so damn much about food, and the logs are obsessive to me.  I feel like keeping my body alive is requiring so much out of me that it’s unreasonable to MORE.  And, I’m afraid of developing a legit eating disorder while trying to get out of this.  There’s just so many unusual habits to make that it feels like I’m setting myself up for something nuts after the physical issues are addressed.  In order to do this, it absolutely can’t be for my eyes only.  These bitches are going to work.  (I didn’t say that last sentence.)

I said I’d try.  That’s why I made the appointment, right?  And since I have absolutely nothing else to go on thusfar, I feel like it’s all I can do right now.  But to do this, I would need to make this meal plan a lot less intimidating.  I’d keep the balance, but reduce portion sizes to fit with what my stomach will allow.  I’m talking like 2 Tb of yogurt, some pretzels, half a banana and if I can fit them in there some nuts.  She agreed that was a start.

So here I go.  Spending more time and energy on feeding this damn machine.  Whoo!  I’m going to a gastroenterologist next week.  Maybe they can help.

Have you ever felt like a witch doctor could do more than a medical one?  Had difficulty getting treated for a medical condition?  Have you learned how to get doctors to take your concerns seriously?  Please share your experiences in the comments so others may also learn how to get real help when we have real problems.

Thanks for reading, and good luck out there.

Mmm, Christmas?


The older I get, the closer to Christmas it becomes,
the more I think that it’s complete bogus.

Maybe not complete.
My dad once explained how he felt about it. God gave us a gift, his son, as a symbol of his immense love. Christmas, he believes, is a time to recognize that gift. He then gifts to others with that symbol in mind, a gesture of great love.
I get that.

But the craze to purchase new TV’s and bath sets just drives me up the wall. And how it’s completely inescapable for THREE MONTHS.

Here’s a few cases in which I believe people should NOT receive presents:

* because it’s a certain day of the year that everyone else is doing it
* because we’re going to be in the same room on or around that day (Secret Santa, etc)
* to reciprocate gifts
* because we’re family, friends, co-workers or acquaintances and it’s around that time
* because there’s “sales”

Here’s a few reasons I think they should:

* to celebrate birthdays
* to recognize achievements such as graduation, promotions, completion of goals…
* because I miss um
* because I think it could have benefit in their life
* because they’re going through challenging times and may not have everything they need
* because you’d like to treat someone to an indulgence they might not get for themselves

I think of people who say “We do it for the kids.”
What are you doing for the kids?

What are you doing to yourself?



I’d bet for some of you, it seems like I’ve fallen off the face of the earth again!
(You know.)
I’ll be back soon, though. Just putting some stuff into place.
We’ve been traveling. A few days in London, one in Geneva, a few in Denver.
SO very different.

Back to the farm now, where a light kitchen remodel is still taking way.
Packing to drive to Chitown. Set up our sweet new loft and see That City.
I’m making more toffee by Friday.
Couch to 5K-ing.
Trying to gain some weight.
I’m writing. :) I’ll show you some ephemera from the trips
after it’s all sorted.

Please send me a long email or leave a voicemail if you’re really missin’.

Oh yeah, and since they’re getting started, fuck “The Holidays” !
Let’s skip to New Years and call it DONE.